Market Research

WE KNOW THE MARKET. When you focus on a market niche for more than a decade, you become an expert and then some. In addition to developing proprietary research methods, Realogics, Inc. & Realogics Sotheby's International Realty maintains a consumer and agent database that is seven figures deep and growing daily. With real time, in-market experience and a keen eye on regional and national trends, we add the science to back up our proven instinct - whether that means we're challenging convention or sometimes, recommending not building at all.


Great ideas start with a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace. No other institution studies the local condominium market like Realogics - after all, we've made it our business. We maintain the most accurate reports what's selling, what's not and why. And our pipeline forecasting has become the trusted source for our clients and the media alike.

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Innovation is rarely accomplished by making incremental changes based on "rear view" analysis alone. That's why we deploy proven techniques to understand what our consumers are looking for today and tomorrow. Our proprietary methods of triangulating datasets generates the most likely market truths to base critical decisions well before a project breaks ground and all the way through the development and marketing process.

Buyer Demographics | Active Consumer Surveys | Buyer Focus Groups
Agent Focus Groups | Blog Reconnaissance | Customer Satisfaction


It costs a lot less to make modifications on paper than it does in the field. That's why Realogics has developed a series of project testing solutions to run real time with critical decision making. Our unparalleled approach provides the confidence for developers and lenders to seize unique opportunities in the marketplace while reduce the risk of relying on intuition alone. We've engineered our services to work where there are no comparables - in fact, that's our preference to define a successful market niche.

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Multi-Variant Surveys | Competitive Analysis | Likely Demand Analysis


Once a project's design is completed its time to balance the cost estimates with a far more nebulous counterpart - revenue. To help forecast accurately, Realogics Sotheby's International Realty has developed "off-market" sales approaches that level the playing field between real buyers and the development team in an effective, yet non-binding exercise. Our process has proven to align product with the market and provide confidence to confirming a project proforma.

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